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Why the Office of President Will Never Be the Same.

Examining the 4 Years of a Trump presidency.

Election Map
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Being one of only five presidents who lost the popular vote, not everyone was expecting a president Donald J. Trump. 4 years later, Joe Biden has defeated the incumbent. Yet, the office of the president will not be the same even after trump leaves office.

Social Media

Trump is not the first president to use social media. Back in 2008, Barack Obama, Mr. Trump’s predecessor, utilized the then-booming social media with his “Yes, We can" message.

But no politician has utilized social media like Donald Trump has. Mr. Trump has been a heavy Twitter user even before becoming president. He’s always had a strong voice on social media, and as a result drew a lot of criticism over his tweets about the ‘birther conspiracy’.

After becoming president, Mr. Trump has continued to use Twitter to vocalize his opinions. Mr. Trump has retreated his supporters and attackers(often with a negative comment attached); On Twitter, Mr. Trump has also defended his supporters, some of whom were ‘questionable’, while attacking his opponents; Mr. Trump also downplayed the pandemic repeatedly, leading to many criticisms from the media. In fact, I would say half of the news stories during his presidency originated from his tweets.

A news show talking about the president’s tweets
From MSNBC Live

But being a Twitter-heavy president has some upsides too. For better or for worse, we get a glimpse into what the president is thinking, feeling, and doing. This new transparency fulfills both the supporter’s and critic’s desire to learn more about the commander in chief. Donald Trump’s daily Twitter habit will surely have an impact on future presidents.

Relationship with the press

The press is your enemy

The 37th president, Richard Nixon, or the godfather of political controversies, was famous for the quote “the press is your enemy.”

Since his campaign began, Mr. Trump has used the term “fake news" to label any article, journalist, publications, networks, or organizations that spoke about him in a negative manner(even in the smallest sense).

Then, Mr. Trump’s relationship with the press went to another level of hostility when, in 2017, the President of the United States began calling journalists from CNN, and MSNBC as “enemies of the people.”

Mr Trump’s Tweet in 2017

Conversely, this has had a large impact on the American people. Public trust on the media has waned rapidly. This is not to say that public trust on Mr. Trump is any better. In truth, we now live in a society where no one can truly anything.

America, Polarized

America has always been divided. Since the beginning, there were those who stuck with the British and those who fought for their freedom. There was, and still is, a division between the North and West from the Civil War.

America Flag on a wall. Divided
America Flag on a wall. Divided
America Polarized; Image: Columbia University

Even in modern days, there have been divisions in ‘communists vs. ‘McCarthyist’ and ‘Segregationist' vs. ‘Integrationers' and most famously Democrats vs Republicans. Now, there is Trump(+supporters) vs. Everyone else.

2020 has brought on tension to a never-before-seen scale. A pandemic along with a racial tension have seemed to pushed people over the edge. This year, there were mass protests, from both sides, in nearly every big city.

As America has become so polarized, simple things like wearing a mask is now a ‘political issue’. Now the hot button topic is the election outcome(although in truth, it’s just Trump and his supporters making unfounded claims).

Joe Biden, the President-Elect, has promised to bring back unity to our country. Looking at the current situation, it seems as Mr Biden has a long road ahead of him.

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